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" The Spitfire was a thing of beauty to behold, in the air or on the ground, with the graceful lines of its slim fuselage, its elliptical wing and tailplane. It looked like a fighter, and it certainly proved to be just that in the fullest meaning of the term. It was an aircraft with a personality all of its own -- docile at times, swift and deadly at others -- a fighting machine 'par excellence'.
  It was the finest and, in its days of glory, provided the answer to the fighter pilot's dream -- a perfect combination of all the good qualities required in a truly outstanding fighter aircraft.
Once you've flown a Spitfire, it spoils you for all other fighters. Every other aircraft seems imperfect in one way or another. "

Lieutenant Colonel William R. Dunn, Eagle Squadron, Royal Air Force

The reel is dedicated to probably the best, most beautiful and legendary airplane ever made - Supermarine Spitfire! As an aviation engineer myself it was a real joy and at the same time a great responsibility to work on this reel project!



m (yds)

mm (inches)

mm (inches)

g (oz)



DT2+50 (55)
WF3+55 (60)

73/ 38
87/ 1.5)

50/ 24
(2/ 0.95)


  • limited series of 80 reels only

  • the ultimate river and stillwater reel

  • fully machined out of aerospace certified Titanium Bar stock

  • the unique design of exposed rim control disc give you precise control of a running fish

  • no drag just a plunger type clicker with a nice sound

  • two Japanese stainless steel bearings ensures the sensitivity needed for the finest tippets

  • comes with a fully machined 6061 aerospace sertified aluminum alloy reel box. It has two compartments - one for the reel and another one for the flies

  • The reel can be ordered with either black ebonite or a full titanium handle. So please specify this when ordering!

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