Trutta Perfetta Aluminum 3″


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Semplicità nel Design

Bobina monopezzo completamente lavorata e telaio a gabbia completa
con un Asse Integrato Realizzato in alluminio di grado aerospaziale.
Comprese le viti lucidate a mano, in totale ci sono soltanto 22 parti
usate nella costruzione di questo mulinello. Una vita di utilizzo affidabile!

Trutta Perfetta Aluminum 3″

Asymmetrical Pawl System (APS)

Un sistema Click and Pawl classico e collaudato con un nottolino
asimmetrico appositamente progettato che fornisce una resistenza
molto inferiore durante il recupero della coda.
Un sistema Click and Pawl classico e collaudato con un nottolino asimmetrico appositamente progettato che fornisce una resistenza molto inferiore durante il recupero della coda.

Trutta Perfetta Aluminum 3″

Bordo Palmabile Ruvido

Maggiore sensibilità durante il palming.

Trutta Perfetta Aluminum 3″

Custodia in pelle

Incluso, un portamulinello in vera pelle italiana di alta qualità con chiusura a cordoncino in titanio lavorato.

Disponibile in diversi colori.

Trutta Perfetta Aluminum 3″

Kit di parti di ricambio opzionale

Siccome il mulinello è molto facile da smontare completamente, per la vostra totale tranquillità
e per assicurarvi che questo mulinello possa essere utilizzato per molti, molti decenni a venire,
offriamo un kit di pezzi di ricambio opzionale.

  1. Molle di ricambio – 2pz.
  2. Cuscinetti a sfera in acciaio inossidabile – 2pz.
  3. Nottolino – 1pz.
  4. Ingranaggio – 1pz.
  5. Vite O-ring della bobina – 1pz.
Trutta Perfetta Aluminum 3″


Peso del Mulinello (Oz / Grammi)

Con Piede in Titanio 4.23 / 120
Con Piede in Ottone 4.58 / 130

Misura della Bobina (pollici / mm)

Diametro di lavoro 2.67 / 68
Arbor Diameter 0.71 / 18
Larghezza 0.90 / 23
Volume 4.6 pollici3 / 75 cm3

Capacità approx. per Coda e Backing 20# (yds / m):

DT4 + 65/ 59
DT5 + 50 / 45
WF5 + 65 / 59


VRDesign reel Trutta Perfetta 360 60
    1. Avatar for admin

      John (proprietario verificato)

      I just received my order of three Trutta 3″ aluminum fly reels. The reels (black, blue, gold) are of the quality you would expect from a master reel maker.

      The full cage design makes for a very strong reel that will last a lifetime.


    2. Avatar for admin


      Having recently received my Trutta Perfetta 3 I’m happy to express my first thoughts.
      Mine is a subdued metallic blue with gold trim and ‘ivory’ handle. It is stylish without being garish and elegantly blends classic looks with contemporary design and engineering.
      Tolerances are extremely high with no undesired excess spool movement, no excess play on the handle and a crisp click and pawl drag, slightly weightier and louder on the out than on the in.
      Both the spool rim and the handle are lightly knurled to aid finger pressure and grip, nice touches on a well designed, robust, attractive fly reel. Even the leather pouch the reel comes in exudes quality, complimenting the reel perfectly and reflecting VR Reels’ premier standards.
      All in all, just terrific.


    3. Avatar for admin

      Mark (proprietario verificato)

      I received my Trutta Perfetta yesterday and could not have been more impressed with the beauty and craftsmanship of the reel and it’s presentation. I love the classic design with the critical features of a palming rim, a specially designed spring and pawl drag, and ball bearing spool carriage for smoothness and reliability. Masterfully conceived and executed!

      With the brass reel foot and fasteners this reel balances my eight foot Sweetgrass bamboo rod perfectly, and the polished brass accents complement the golden hue of cane. Alas I must wait until spring to cast a dry fly and listen to the Trutta sing for the first time!

    4. Avatar for admin

      Dr Kerry Jordan, Suffolk, England. (proprietario verificato)

      I received my Perfetta Trout Reel today. It arrived packed in a strong cardboard container which was wrapped very securely.

      Inside was another smart cardboard box with the company logo. Within was the reel wrapped in layers of bubble wrap. Inside was a handsome high quality grey leather pouch with the reel inside a plastic bag. Instructions, a warranty and an Allen key were also in the box. All very professional and pleasing.

      Now the reel….. what a jewel! Beautifully anodised and a tactile joy. Tolerances are superb and even fine tippet will not get trapped between the caged spool and frame. Lovely pawl and clicker. Yay!

    5. Avatar for admin


      Today I received my Trutta Perfetta 3 in bronze colour, Titanium foot and black handle.
      Shipping was extremely fast…couldn’t get any better. Unboxing….
      What shall I say…It is an awesome piece of art! I felt in love immediately. Highest tolerances, everything sits tight, absolutely no play…that is true craftsmanship!
      An excellent click and pawl reel that will be a perfect companion to my #4 trout fly rod.
      Alex, I‘m proud to use this artwork in future!


    6. Avatar for admin

      Anton (proprietario verificato)

      I absolutely love it! Everything about is is pure class. The reel obviously , the Leather pouch 👌 and even the box is top quality 👏👏👏 Well Done @vrreels

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