Salar Incomparabile 3 5/8″


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The Classic

The True Classic Raised Pillars reel design.
One piece Spool with an Integrated Axle.
Side Plates and Spool made from Aerospace Grade Bar Stock Aluminum.
2 Highest Quality Japanese Stainless steel ball bearings (MinibeaMitsumi).

Salar Incomparabile 3 5/8″

Asymmetrical Pawl System (APS)

A classic and time-proven Click and Pawl system with a specially designed asymmetrical pawl which provides a much lower resistance when retrieving a line.

Salar Incomparabile 3 5/8″

Palming Rim

The unique design of an exposed Spool Palming Rim gives you precise control of a running fish.

Salar Incomparabile 3 5/8″

Drag Adjustment Range

 Drag Knob with a wide 360 degrees adjustment range.

Salar Incomparabile 3 5/8″


Reel Weight (Oz / Grams)

Salar Incomparabile 3 5/8″ 12 / 340

Spool Size (inch / mm)

Working Diameter 3.66 / 93
Arbor Diameter 0.63 / 16
Width 1.28 / 32.5
Volume 12 inch3 / 197 cm3

Approx. Capacity for Line and Backing 30# (yds / m):

WF10 + 270 / 240
WF12 + 230 / 210
fishing reel cross section showing spool width spool arbor diameter spool working diameter


VRDesign reel Salar Titanium 360 60




    1. Avatar for admin

      J Luis Sánchez

      Another beauty from VR!! Exceptional machining and craftsmanship. Thank you very much

    2. Avatar for admin

      Clay Holley

      I love this reel on a couple of bamboo Spey rods from Bob Clay. Classic S handle, raised pillar look with plenty of capacity for backing and Spey lines. I like my first one so much, I have another 2 on order. Thanks for such great work, Vlad!

    3. Avatar for admin


      The Salar reel is absolutely beautiful. My initial impression – the reel is very solid and the machine tolerances are as tight as it gets. Tje Salar’s classic raised pillar design and click and pawl drag takes it to another level in form and function. What struck me the most was the spool design, specifically the raised palming design. This is absolute genius and the addition of the textured surface enhances the tactile feedback to the hand allowing you to feel everything and play the fish with exceptional control. The drag adjustment knob is large and offers easy grip and positive adjustment. The asymmetric pawl is ingenious and does exactly what it was designed to do, making the reel very easy to wind and the sound is very beautiful with no metallic “ping” which is so nice. The addition of the brass foot just adds to the overall beauty of the Salar. You can’t go wrong with this reel, it combines the best design features from the classics (raised pillar, serpentine handle, ect) with ingenious and well thought out modern day enhancements.

    4. Avatar for admin

      smwhodgson (verified owner)

      This is my third winch from VR Reels and I am yet to find any fault, or indeed, adequate words to describe the workmanship and quality of Vlad’s creations.
      I went for the star design with a traditional ‘S’ handle, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice.
      Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the reel’s pawl produces a satisfying click when line is taken from the spool, and the sound gets deeper the more the drag adjustment is engaged.
      I am hopeful the exposed palming rim will prove very useful when (or should that be if) I manage to hook a salmon!
      In summary, if you are thinking of taking the plunge and placing an order for a Salar Incomparible, I think numbers maybe limited, so don’t delay….. you won’t regret it!

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