Salar Incomparabile 3 5/8″


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The Classic

The True Classic Raised Pillars reel design.
One piece Spool with an Integrated Axle.
Side Plates and Spool made from Aerospace Grade Bar Stock Aluminum.
2 Highest Quality Japanese Stainless steel ball bearings (MinibeaMitsumi).

Salar Incomparabile 3 5/8″

Asymmetrical Pawl System (APS)

A classic and time-proven Click and Pawl system with a specially designed asymmetrical pawl which provides a much lower resistance when retrieving a line.

Salar Incomparabile 3 5/8″

Palming Rim

The unique design of an exposed Spool Palming Rim gives you precise control of a running fish.

Salar Incomparabile 3 5/8″

Drag Adjustment Range

 Drag Knob with a wide 360 degrees adjustment range.

Salar Incomparabile 3 5/8″


Reel Weight (Oz / Grams)

Salar Incomparabile 3 5/8″ 12 / 340

Spool Size (inch / mm)

Working Diameter 3.66 / 93
Arbor Diameter 0.63 / 16
Width 1.28 / 32.5
Volume 12 inch3 / 197 cm3

Approx. Capacity for Line and Backing 30# (yds / m):

WF10 + 270 / 240
WF12 + 230 / 210
fishing reel cross section showing spool width spool arbor diameter spool working diameter


VRDesign reel Salar Titanium 360 60




    1. Avatar for admin

      J Luis Sánchez

      Another beauty from VR!! Exceptional machining and craftsmanship. Thank you very much

    2. Avatar for admin

      Clay Holley

      I love this reel on a couple of bamboo Spey rods from Bob Clay. Classic S handle, raised pillar look with plenty of capacity for backing and Spey lines. I like my first one so much, I have another 2 on order. Thanks for such great work, Vlad!

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