Trutta Perfetta Aluminum


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Champagne Gold and Dark Olive anodized reels available only with Brass hardware and Ivorine handle.

Clear Silver reels available both with Brass hardware and with St. Steel Hardware, Clear Silver Aluminum foot and Ivorine handle.

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  • 3"
  • 2 3/4"
  • Clear Silver / Bronze Hardware
  • Clear Silver / St. Steel Hardware
  • Dark Olive
  • Champagne Gold
  • LH
  • RH

Simplicity in Design

Fully machined one piece spool and full cage frame
with an Integrated Axle. Made from Aerospace Grade Bar Stock Aluminum.
Including hand polished screws, there are in total only 22 parts
used in this reel’s construction. A lifetime of dependable use!

Trutta Perfetta Aluminum

Asymmetrical Pawl System (APS)

A classic and time-proven Click and Pawl system with a specially
designed asymmetrical pawl which provides a much lower
resistance when retrieving a line.

Trutta Perfetta Aluminum

Textured Palming Rim

Increased sensitivity when palming.

Trutta Perfetta Aluminum

Leather Case

Included, a high quality genuine Italian leather reel pouch with a machined titanium drawstring closure lock.

Different colors available.

Trutta Perfetta Aluminum

Optional Spare Parts Kit

Since the reel is very easy to completely disassemble, for your complete
peace of mind and to ensure that this reel can be in good use for many, many
decades ahead, we offer an optional Spare Parts Kit for just $35.

  1. Spare springs – 2pcs.
  2. Stainless Steel Ball Bearings – 2pcs.
  3. Pawl – 1pcs.
  4. Gear wheel – 1pcs.
  5. Spool Screw O-ring – 1pcs.


Contact us to request a Spare Parts Kit for your Trutta Perfetta Aluminum.

Trutta Perfetta Aluminum


Reel Weight (Oz / Grams)

With Titanium Foot 4.23 / 120
With Brass Foot 4.58 / 130

Spool Size (inch / mm)

Working Diameter 2.67 / 68
Arbor Diameter 0.71 / 18
Width 0.90 / 23
Volume 4.6 inch3 / 75 cm3

Approx. Capacity for Line and Backing 20# (yds / m):

DT4 + 65 / 59
DT5 + 50 / 45
WF5 + 65 / 59

Reel Weight (Oz / Grams)

With Titanium Foot 4.58 / 130
With Brass Foot 4.9 / 140

Spool Size (inch / mm)

Working Diameter 2.67 / 68
Arbor Diameter 1.77 / 45
Width 0.90 / 23
Volume 2.72 inch3 / 45 cm3

Approx. Capacity for Line and Backing 20# (yds / m):

DT2 + 38 / 35
WF3 + 40 / 38

Reel Weight (Oz / Grams)

Brass / St. Steel Foot 4.16 / 118
Aluminium Foot 3.7 / 105

Spool Size (inch / mm)

Working Diameter 2.36 / 60
Arbor Diameter 0.71 / 18
Width 0.90 / 23
Volume 3.52 inch3 / 58 cm3

Approx. Capacity for Line and Backing 20# (yds / m):

DT2 + 50 / 45
WF3 + 54 / 50


VRDesign reel Trutta Perfetta 360 60


    1. Avatar for admin

      John (verified owner)

      I just received my order of three Trutta 3″ aluminum fly reels. The reels (black, blue, gold) are of the quality you would expect from a master reel maker.

      The full cage design makes for a very strong reel that will last a lifetime.


    2. Avatar for admin


      Having recently received my Trutta Perfetta 3 I’m happy to express my first thoughts.
      Mine is a subdued metallic blue with gold trim and ‘ivory’ handle. It is stylish without being garish and elegantly blends classic looks with contemporary design and engineering.
      Tolerances are extremely high with no undesired excess spool movement, no excess play on the handle and a crisp click and pawl drag, slightly weightier and louder on the out than on the in.
      Both the spool rim and the handle are lightly knurled to aid finger pressure and grip, nice touches on a well designed, robust, attractive fly reel. Even the leather pouch the reel comes in exudes quality, complimenting the reel perfectly and reflecting VR Reels’ premier standards.
      All in all, just terrific.


    3. Avatar for admin

      Mark (verified owner)

      I received my Trutta Perfetta yesterday and could not have been more impressed with the beauty and craftsmanship of the reel and it’s presentation. I love the classic design with the critical features of a palming rim, a specially designed spring and pawl drag, and ball bearing spool carriage for smoothness and reliability. Masterfully conceived and executed!

      With the brass reel foot and fasteners this reel balances my eight foot Sweetgrass bamboo rod perfectly, and the polished brass accents complement the golden hue of cane. Alas I must wait until spring to cast a dry fly and listen to the Trutta sing for the first time!

    4. Avatar for admin

      Dr Kerry Jordan, Suffolk, England. (verified owner)

      I received my Perfetta Trout Reel today. It arrived packed in a strong cardboard container which was wrapped very securely.

      Inside was another smart cardboard box with the company logo. Within was the reel wrapped in layers of bubble wrap. Inside was a handsome high quality grey leather pouch with the reel inside a plastic bag. Instructions, a warranty and an Allen key were also in the box. All very professional and pleasing.

      Now the reel….. what a jewel! Beautifully anodised and a tactile joy. Tolerances are superb and even fine tippet will not get trapped between the caged spool and frame. Lovely pawl and clicker. Yay!

    5. Avatar for admin


      Today I received my Trutta Perfetta 3 in bronze colour, Titanium foot and black handle.
      Shipping was extremely fast…couldn’t get any better. Unboxing….
      What shall I say…It is an awesome piece of art! I felt in love immediately. Highest tolerances, everything sits tight, absolutely no play…that is true craftsmanship!
      An excellent click and pawl reel that will be a perfect companion to my #4 trout fly rod.
      Alex, I‘m proud to use this artwork in future!


    6. Avatar for admin

      Anton (verified owner)

      I absolutely love it! Everything about is is pure class. The reel obviously , the Leather pouch 👌 and even the box is top quality 👏👏👏 Well Done @vrreels

    7. Avatar for admin

      Garrett Scott

      I received the 3” Trutta aluminum with a spare spool. The reel is what gets created when an engineer is also a craftsman. The way the spool attaches and is sealed is very clever. The use of sealed ball bearing is great snd well executed. The allowances between mating parts is amazing, no unsightly gaps and smooth operation in both directions. The selection of materials is very appropriate, stainless, brass, aluminum, and titanium are all strong, tough and corrosion resistant. Im glad go have gotten this very elegant reel.

    8. Avatar for admin

      Mike (verified owner)

      My new Trutta Perfetta arrived last week after a fast trip from VR Design. I don’t know how to say it, but my first impressions were, WOW! That ivorine handle is awesome…and the machining is nothing but quality and art.

      I spooled it up with a Rio Lightline WF3 F and have been fishing it for the last week on a favorite Rio of mine. Let me say, this reel performs as great as it is beautiful. The drag is “dialed in” perfectly for the wild trout that swim in my home waters. Yes, this reel is a winner and assigned primary duty on my classic Winston fly rod…a perfect reel/rod combo for those fabulous mountain Rio’s I love to roam.

    9. Avatar for admin

      Wayne Syn (verified owner)

      Just received my blue Trutta Perfecta Aluminum 3″. It looked amazing on the website before purchasing. Now that it’s in my hand, they truly are beautiful. The workmanship is top shelf and the tolerances are impeccable. Definitely a work of art. It will match well with my blue Epic Fastglass. Now I will have to consider the other reels on the website. Great communication too. Thanks Vlad!

    10. Avatar for admin

      mayphly (verified owner)

      I just received my Trutta Perfecta reel. It’s a thousand times more beautiful in person. A very well crafted tool and a piece of art all in one. The click and pawl sounds amazing on this little gem. Looking forward to fishing it. Great communication and fast shipping. I will definitely be purchasing one of their other reels soon. Thanks again Vlad!

    11. Avatar for admin

      Jim Brandt (verified owner)

      I received my Trutta Perfecta in satin non-anodized aluminum and all I can say is Wow! Simply an incredible reel that is a perfect match for my rod. The workmanship is outstanding, and you the finishing options are also an added plus. Everything about this reel is top notch! The leather reel bag is also something that is an incredible extra that just isn’t included with a reel by anyone anymore. I look forward to adding another in the near future.

    12. Avatar for admin

      David Wilson (verified owner)

      Solid ad well made reel (with the large arbour) that is a great fit for my 7′ 3wt small water rod. It is holding a Guideline Fario Tactical 3wt, with a little backing, and it fits well. Though, I would not put on a larger line with the large arbour (for DT and 4+Wts go with the standard). The click (IMHO) is a little louder than a Hardy’s.

      If you want a classic well made reel, this is a very good choice.

      Vlad was a pleasure to work with, and as stated by others, I will engage him on my next custom reel.

    13. Avatar for admin


      The only tackle that hasn’t really improved in the last 50 years or more is the gear/pawl fly reel. What little that could be done to make it better has been done here by VR design.
      The asymmetric click/pawl is perfect, a big improvement on what has been available. Reeling in is light, outgoing is heavy but not too heavy. As delivered, mine will protect the lightest tippet, but not let a little 12” trout get too uppity. It’s just where I’d like it for 18” rainbows in swift water.
      Overall, a truly solid, tight reel, and about as complicated as a shovel. For me, that makes it perfect.
      (This reel was boughten by me, no freebies, and review is unsolicited.)

    14. Avatar for admin

      bill mahoney

      I just received my Trutta Perfetta!!! What a nice reel, drag, finish and leather pouch are superb. Not to mention also that it’s a great bang for your buck!! I got the silver, with the brass features and to say I’m impressed is an understatement. I like it so much I’m getting another. Vlad your the man!!!!

    15. Avatar for admin

      Michael (verified owner)

      This is my third Trutta Perfetta reel I absolutely love these reels I think they are equal to or better than Abel reel The machining and fit and finish is excellent I plan on buying more highly recommend

    16. Avatar for admin

      Mark (verified owner)

      Read about this reel on the NAFFF and just received it . It is equal to or better than any of my name brand click pawl reels and beautiful too. I got an unanodized silver aluminum without the large arbor. Very pleased.

    17. Avatar for admin

      Evaristo. (verified owner)

      Recibi mi Trutta Perfetta 3″ en color Oliva / Laton con maneta de Marfil y un juego de piezas de recambio. Excelente diseño y acabados.
      Es simplemente perfecto.

    18. Avatar for admin


      I’ve just bought one of your alloy Trutter Perfetta reels, a 3″ from John at Thomas Turner and I’m hugely impressed! I can see your influence on the Hardy range of their re-introduced classic’s which are made in Alnwick again! Your tolerance levels are just unbelievable and not a fault or defect anywhere!
      Your redesign of the pawl on the click check mechanism is just wonderful giving a fantastic bi-directional function which gives that extra control when line is taken.
      I started out in life as an engineer then went into aviation, flying helicopters, so like you I really am a stickler for accuracy and perfect fit. I’m really enjoying this reel, apart from it being engineered and designed perfectly it has that timeless classic look and feel. I tired quickly of the latest modern reels where lightness is striven for at the expense of everything else! They give no balance to a rod and are uncomfortable in the hand. The desire to recover line quickly has resulted in so many current designs of reel being the size of a small plate which in my opinion totally unbalances the feel of your rod/reel set-up! They tell you it eliminates line memory, well with modern lines of quality, they retain little memory however coiled! Oh! and no one can wind faster than a running fish so no help there either!

      I will now be looking to make further additions from your range over the next few years as I think that you have now produced a class of fishing reel that I have spent a lifetime dreaming of using. After all, we fly fish not to winch fish from the water but to enjoy our sport. we care for all aspects of our environment and are in fact the best conservationists of fish and aquatic conservation in the world.

      Many Thanks Vlad, Regards, Martin.

    19. Avatar for admin

      Michael Martin (verified owner)

      I received my Trutta Perfetta in only a few days here in Sweden. What can I say? This is a gem of a reel. The dark olive version is so nice, almost a Brittish racing green (think Jaguar), and the brass accents are excellent. Great tolerances, simple design, and a reel I’m looking forward to using (also, the click-and-pawl sounds great). Thanks Vlad for the excellent communication and prompt replies.

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