Trutta Perfetta Titanium 3″


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Simplicity in Design

Fully machined one piece spool and full cage frame
with an Integrated Axle. Made from Aerospace Grade Bar Stock Titanium.
Including hand polished screws, there are in total only 22 parts
used in this reel’s construction. A lifetime of dependable use!

Trutta Perfetta Titanium 3″

Asymmetrical Pawl System (APS)

A classic and time-proven Click and Pawl system with a specially
designed asymmetrical pawl which provides a much lower
resistance when retrieving a line.

Trutta Perfetta Titanium 3″

Textured Palming Rim

Increased sensitivity when palming.

Trutta Perfetta Titanium 3″

Leather Case

Included, a high quality genuine Italian leather reel pouch with a machined titanium drawstring closure lock.

Different colors available.


Trutta Perfetta Titanium 3″

Optional Spare Parts Kit

Since the reel is very easy to completely disassemble, for your complete
peace of mind and to ensure that this reel can be in good use for many, many
decades ahead, we offer an optional Spare Parts Kit.

  1. Spare springs – 2pcs.
  2. Stainless Steel Ball Bearings – 2pcs.
  3. Pawl – 1pcs.
  4. Gear wheel – 1pcs.
  5. Spool Screw O-ring – 1pcs.
Trutta Perfetta Titanium 3″


Reel Weight (Oz / Grams)

With Titanium Foot 6 / 170
With Brass Foot 6.35 / 180

Spool Size (inch / mm)

Working Diameter 2.67 / 68
Arbor Diameter 0.71 / 18
Width 0.90 / 23
Volume 4.6 inch3 / 75 cm3

Approx. Capacity for Line and Backing #20 (yds / m):

DT4 + 65/ 59
DT5 + 50 / 45
WF5 + 65 / 59


VRDesign reel Trutta Perfetta Titanium 360 60
    1. Avatar for admin

      Steve (verified owner)

      I had a much closer look at the Trutta tonight, and apart from it being a very beautiful reel, there’s no doubt it’s very precisely machined and incredibly well finished.
      Though not everyone’s cup of tea, I really love the look of titanium, especially an all titanium reel. Apart from the material being quite hard and more resistant to dings and scratches, the reel can be buffed back up again to remove them; I have a polishing machine/kit, with various mops and pastes when my titanium/in-the-white reels get too grubby.
      The reel has a really nice, subtle ingoing click and a really great loud outgoing click/howl! It has a nice smooth draw on line out (understandably not as smooth as the Noel which has a Bogdan styled drum drag but nonetheless very smooth for a C&P). I like that it has a palming rim, and for this reel anyway, I don’t have to jam my fingers into the cage for braking! I think it will be perfect for some big beast, like an Icelandic trout or seatrout streaking off back to the sea! Hopefully I’ll be able to test that theory!
      I put an old 4wt line on the reel, I think a Rio Selective Tout, with no backing and it came up to 6.7oz, I’m sure the 50yds or so of backing will bring it up to 7oz or so. For the 8’5″ JMR Light Trout 4.5wt rod, it was still slightly tip heavy, but I’m sure the backing will make it a perfectly balanced match, not that slight tip-heaviness would make much or any great difference anyway.
      I’m very much looking forward to season opening and putting this reel through its paces.

    2. Avatar for admin

      Clay Holley

      Another great reel from Vlad. This reel costs the same or only slightly more than many “high end” reels in the US market, yet this reel is far superior in materials, durability, and overall aesthetics. You get a titanium reel for what many companies charge for their aluminum reels. Highly recommend.

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